Apple world’s top smartphone vendor in Q4

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Throughout various countries, using dozens of operators, the iPhone family overtook Samsung with 24 percent of the market share in the fourth quarter. During this time, Apple’s global smartphone shipments grew by 128 percent and it shipped 37. million phones. Over the year, all global smartphone shipments increased by 54 percent and in the fourth quarter reached a record number of 155 million phones shipped. Read More: CNET


Amidst SOPA Blackout, Senate Copyright Bill Loses Key Supporters

Wednesday’s mass protest strike of popular websites including Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing and others against the Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP Acts has had its intended effect–at least on one Senator. Source: FORBES

Best 5 Websites php Learning

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There are many websites publish php learning tutorial. it is very difficult to find which is the better & perfect to learn php.  Here we publish 10 websites name when a person can learn perfectly php.


2. W3 Schools

3. PhpBuddy


5. learnphpfree

What it SOPA & PIPA ? Why it is matter ?

The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act are getting more negative attention, as major websites such as Wikipedia plan to protest the bills with blackouts on Wednesday. Even Google will join the action, with a link on its homepage explaining why the company opposes the legislation.

Source: PCWorld

Reddit Confirms Jan 18. blackout

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techland.time.comReddit has announced that it willgo dark for 12 hours to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said that he hopes to coordinate with the site so that Wikipedia does the same.